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Signs and Symptoms

1. Pink, raised patches of skin covered with flaky, white scales, possibly itchy or painful-most often on knees, elbows, and scalp, less often under breasts, armpits, or on genitals, and around the anus.

2. Stiffness and inflammation in fingers and toes.

3. Pitted fingernails that may loosen or become crumbly.

4. Raised areas on the hands and feet that may crack or form blisters filled with pus.

5. Small, scaly patches triggered by a sore throat and strep infection (mostly in teens and young adults).


What to do now

1. Follow your doctors skin-care instructions properly, regardless of how time-consuming they are.

2. Dont prick at your scales; this can cause new scales to form.

3. Soak the patches in warm water. When the scales are plumped up with water, gently remove whatever will come away easily with a pumice stone.

4. Apply moisturizers to trap water in the skin, Petroleum jelly and cooking oil will do the job too but less effectively.

5. Sunbathing help clear up the skin. The trick is to stay in the sun until just before you burn.

6. Consider learning stress management techniques such as yoga or medication.


When to call a doctor

1. If symptoms dont respond to home care.

2. If you develop pus-filled blisters or your whole body is red and scaly; you may need emergency treatment.

3. If psoriasis flares up whenever you have a sore throat, ask you doctor for medication to combat a sore throat at the first sign of illness.


How to prevent it

There is no known way to prevent psoriasis.




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