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Tooth Grinding

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Signs And Symptoms

1. Toothache.

2. Generalized facial pain.

3. Obviously worn teeth.

4. Tension or tightness in the face and jaw muscles.

5. Mild to severe headache or migraine.

6. Looseness or aching in the teeth, especially upon waking.


What to Do Now

1. Dont chew gum, tobacco, pencils, or any other nonfood objects.

2. During the day, concentrate on releasing your jaw and keeping your teeth slightly apart.

3. Hold a warm washcloth to the side of your face. This may help to relax your jaw.

4. If you suspect that stress is the problem, try to reduce your stress and practice relaxation techniques, such as meditation or yoga.


When to Call a Doctor

1. If you still have symptoms after a month of home treatment, or if you think that an abnormal bite or a missing tooth is causing the problem. You may need to have a dentist fit you with a protective mouth guard or bite plate.

2. If you have tooth pain or a jaw ache for more than a day or two. These symptoms could be the result of tooth decay.

3. If you think that stress is causing continuing problems, You may want to seek counseling or ask a dentist to prescribe a jaw muscle relaxant.


How to Prevent It

1. Develop habits to ease your stress and help you stay as relaxed as possible, especially around bedtime. Take a warm bath or shower before bed, listen to soothing music, and practice deep breathing or meditation.

2. Cut down on caffeine-containing foods, such as coffee, tea, colas, and chocolate.




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