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Signs and Symptoms

1. Frequent urination-sometimes almost hourly.

2. Unexplained weight loss.

3. Increased and excessive thirst.

4. Blurred vision.

5. Persistent fatigue.

6. In women, frequent yeast and bladder infections, sometimes missed menses.


What to do now

1. Take advice from a doctor specialized in Diabetes, if you know or suspect that you have diabetes.

2. Follow your doctors advice about diet, exercise, and monitoring your blood sugar levels.


When to call a doctor

1. If you feel weak and nauseous, excessively thirsty, are urinating very frequently, rapid breathing, and have abdominal pain.

2. If you experience extreme thirst, lethargy, weakness and mental confusion; you may have dangerously high blood sugar levels that could lead to coma.

3. If a person known to have diabetes loses consciousness.

4. If you have noticeable sweet smelling breath along with the symptoms listed above, you may have ketoacidosis-a life-threatening condition.

Call for an immediate appointment:

1. If you or your child develop symptoms of diabetes.

2. If you have diabetes and you get flu; flu and some other illness can make your blood sugar levels go out of control.


How to prevent it

1. There is no way prevent Type I diabetes.

To prevent Type II diabetes:

1. Keep your weight within the healthy range for your age, height and structure.

2. Exercise regularly. It is very crucial in preventing diabetes or managing it once it occurs.

3. If you are over 40, and overweight, or have a family history of diabetes, check up for diabetes every one to three years.




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