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Drug Abuse

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Signs and Symptoms

1. Change in appearance and/or behavior that threaten relationships and work performance.

2. Irritability or abrupt changes in mood or attitude.

3. Restlessness, sometimes alternating with extreme lethargy.

4. Unexplained absences.

5. Unexplained money problems.

6. Blackouts and memory lapses.

7. Drug thirst, inability to stop using, lying about drug use, preoccupation with obtaining the drug and using it.


What to do now

1. If you believe you have a drug problem and have tried to stop using but could not, seek help of a drug treatment program or professional right away. Remember that its difficult to overcome drug abuse on your own.

2. If you detect any combination of the listed symptoms in a family member or friend (particularly a child or an adolescent) and suspect drug abuse.


When to call a doctor

1. If you are pregnant and have been abusing drugs.

2. If someone (especially a child or an adolescent) shows symptoms of drug abuse.


How to prevent it

Preventing setback often requires significant changes in habits and lifestyle. Depending on the severity of the drug problem recovery (the reactions that follows withdrawal) can be extremely difficult, still, there are steps you can take to make it easier to remain clean:

1. Seek the support of family members, friends, and colleagues.

2. Be careful not substitute another kind of addictive behavior-such as gambling, smoking, or overeating- for your former addiction.

3. Make sure that your diet is healthy and that you get regular exercise; physical activity stimulates your body to release chemicals that make your feel good.

4. Remember, recovery doesnt happen overnight If you have a relapse dont use it as an excuse to go back to your old habits. Think carefully about what led to the incident and plan how to avoid the same reaction next time.

5. Avoid places and situations that you associate with drug use. Try to make new friends who dont use drugs and stay away from friends when they are using drugs.




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